2006 Trips Smates Home
Well on the way home I made a nine day stopover in Peru.  So here are the pics from that awesome adventure! Peru Pics
The Seal of Peru
Luciana and Grace on the Bus
The Tacna Cathedral
Ana and Brett on the Bus
Brett liking Coca Tea
Brett and Ana drinking Coca Tea
Brett not liking Coca Tea
Luciana and Grace getting medicine
Ana pouring Inca Kola
Luciana and Ana
The Arequipa Fountain
Brett taking pictures
Brett feeding the Spanish pigeons
Ana feeding the pigeons
Grace feeding the pigeons
Luciana feeding the pigeons
Guess the shaddows
Waiting for the Taxi
In the taxi
Grace, Brett, and Luciana under the arch
Luciana, Grace, and Ana under the arch
Us on the steps, in Sepia!
All of us on a bench
The gals in front of a big Catholic Church
The Former Miss Perus
A Pink Church
Ana, Luciana, and Grace, eating the frozen cheese :)